And who is THIS guy???

The Les Miserables class project is designed to give you glimpse of how you measure up!   Call it a pressure preparation at a moments notice.  You WILL get a grade on this, so don’t even think of getting sudden illness that keeps you out of school on Friday, December 5th.


For this project, you will assume you have been called by the National Tour of Les Miserables to step into a role with only 3 days notice.  You will be a part of the amazing Act I finale--ONE DAY MORE.  You will learn your voice part, learn the movement and choreography, and be ready to perform the scene in three days!!


You will sing your normal voice part on all chorus sections.  At measure 44 through 51 you will split into groups 1 and 2.  Group 1 will sing the alto and bass as indicated in score.  Group 2 will sing the soprano and tenor as indicated in the score-NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NORMAL VOICE PART MAY BE.  All the rest of the piece will be sung as written and you will sing your normal voice part.


We will follow the traditional choreograpy and movement.  Follow this link to look at the 2011 London Cast version of ONE DAY MORE.


You can also follow this link for a instrumental version that will let you practice.


Here is our fictional cast.  Double cast roles will both get a chance to perform on Friday!  Have some fun with it, LEARN the steps and movement, LEARN your voice part on you on and be ready to perform!!!  


VALJEAN                              RICHARD RUDD—group 1

JAVERT                                MASON CORLEY-group 2

MARIUS                               AUSTIN GREEN-group 2

COSETTE                             MARILYN SHARP, ABBY THOMAS-group 2

EPONINE                             LILLY SEWELL, SHIRA KAPLAN-group 1

ENJOLRAS                           BRYAN DELOACH-group 2




STUDENTS                                           WILLIAM CARROLL- group 2

                                                              WILLIAM HILBURN-group 1

                                                              BENJAMIN KAPLAN –group 1

                                                              JOSH LANDRY-group 1

                                                             CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS-group 1

                                                             TARUS TOLBERT-group 1

                                                              CALEB DIXON-group 1


People of Paris, Beggars, Other students, etc.


Hannah Aslin-group 1                                      Megan Blomquist-group 2

Haley Bordelon-group 1                                  Mary Bordelon-group 2

Alexis Brouillette-group 1                               Sarena Chambliss-group 2

Michaela Davis -group 1                                  Anna Dardar-group 2

Kayleigh Glorioso-group 1                              Sarah Davis-group 2

Courtney Kovacs-group 1                               Lorali Hebert-group 2

Kanisha Hargrove- group 1                             Whitney Hebert-group 2

Kailyn Miller-group 1                                       Amber Shaffette-group 2

Remington Myers-group 1                             Mikah Smith-group 2

Kristi Roshto-group 1                                      Vivian Tran-group 2

Taija Silas-group 1                                            Katelynn Sasser-group 2              

Kaitlyn Supler-group 1                                    Kali Sanchez-group 2

Alexis Vandyke-group 1                                   Chloe Warren-group 2

                                                                              Kaylee Walleser-group 2